Welcome to HSFC

Mrs WallThe Hucknall Sixth Form Centre provides an inspiring environment which will support both your academic success and provide access to a range of enrichment opportunities, to enable you to achieve your goals.

Our staff are driven by raising aspirations, and set challenging but realistic and achievable targets, track progress and provide pastoral care to help you move onto either higher education or employment. Both our academies work collaboratively, providing a dedicated further education environment with teaching across a diverse subject range, all delivered by curriculum experts.

A key part of my role is to support and develop our staff team, and I am ably assisted by Hannah Bickerstaffe, the deputy head of Hucknall Sixth Form Centre. Together we will ensure that students are accessing top-quality teaching to support your aims and aspirations.

Our programme of enrichment activities provides a valuable opportunity for your personal and cultural development, together with community participation. We foster an environment in which you will feel safe to question and challenge your thinking on a range of local, national and global issues, and we will encourage you to actively respond in a way that benefits others.

If you are considering applying to university, we have a bespoke UCAS preparation programme which helps to facilitate the application process, including specialised support of Oxbridge applications. If you are thinking about apprenticeship options, our careers programme is designed to ensure you have the skills needed to succeed.

We deliver a coherent work experience package that all our students are required to undertake, helping you to better consider your options for the future and make those all-important links with employers. ¬

The continued collaboration of the two academies gives you a chance to develop socially and mix with a more diverse range of like-minded students. Hucknall is a vibrant community, on the doorstep of Nottingham, with great transport links, places to eat, sports teams and much more besides.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting your future progress.

Kelly Wall
Head of Hucknall Sixth Form Centre