Success stories

Fran Farrell-Oscroft -Fran Farrell-Oscroft
former Head Girl at National

Fran’s time studying at the sixth form led to her progressing to Leeds Beckett University to pursue her dream career and the achievement of a personal challenge by following the Duke of Edinburgh scheme all the way through to the gold award.

“I loved the idea of being in a position of responsibility and support, involvement in the school council, peer mediation, promoting the academy at open evenings, and working with the local community.

I have consistently set myself high targets. If you want to stretch yourself, staff encourage and push you to succeed. I want to be a film director or cinematographer, and the support I have received during my studies in the sixth form has been pivotal in pushing me towards this. My A Levels have given me a great platform to help with my transition into higher education.”

Edward Turner -Ed Turner
former Holgate student

Edward completed his A Levels in 2015, achieving top level grades in maths, physics and chemistry to secure a place at the University of Leicester to study astrophysics.

“There is no doubt that the sixth form helped me achieve what I have so far, from both individual teachers and from the school as a whole. The teachers ensured that I had the opportunity to receive help in my subjects if there was something that I didn't fully understand, making sure as I was as ready as I could be for my exams.

The encouragement from my peers was brilliant. The sixth form also provided many opportunities to improve my application, such as enrichment activities and leadership roles. My time in the sixth form was academically challenging, but was also one of the most fun and enjoyable times in my life. The staff are dedicated, knowledgeable and approachable, all driven to help you reach your goals.”