Inspirational visit for physics students

29th September 2017

Physics students at Nottingham Trent UniOn Thursday 21 September 2017 a group of Hucknall Sixth Form Centre physics students visited Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton campus to find out what studying the subject at a higher level is all about.

The students were treated to a lecture about the Northern Lights, learning all about the natural phenomenon, studying images and the science behind what makes this wonder of the world. Students were then challenged to find the energy source, planning their work and applying their ideas to some official research data. By working together, the group worked out that the Northern Lights has an energy of several terajoules.

The visit also included a tour of the facilities, including seeing the university observatory and laboratories with all students having the opportunity to control the hugely impressive telescope.

Our guides from the university then spoke with the HSFC group about how they came to study physics there, and were then joined by a number of PhD students who spoke about their experiences.

Thank you to the university and to our guides for their time on what was an engaging and inspirational visit.