Crime Scene Investigation - Hucknall branch..

31st March 2017

CSI HucknallIt was comparable to an episode of CSI Hucknall at the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre today as some of our year 13 students took part in a forensics day. The students worked on crime scenes and collected evidence as part of their BTEC coursework.

Putting learning in context is a great way of ensuring that students understand the theory of what they are being taught. The students all really engaged with the subject matter and commented on how enjoyable the experience was.

Elise, year 13 student said, "I really enjoyed collecting different types of evidence as it makes our previous research come to life", whilst Josh said the day was "enjoyable and insightful". However, wearing the forensic crime scene suits was not the experience that Luke was hoping for, as he complained that "it felt like I was wearing a greenhouse!"