Business Studies (A-Level and AS)

Why study business studies?
Business studies is about exploring how businesses and organisations make decisions and operate in an ever-changing environment. If you have a genuine interest in what is happening in the commercial world and understanding why organisations make the decisions that they do, then this is the ideal course for you.

You will build your knowledge of core business concepts and apply these in the context of real organisations, to develop a broad understanding of how businesses work.

What will I learn about?

AS Level - What is business?
Covering the different legal structures that businesses can take and the implications of this, together with the external environment that businesses operate in.
• Managers, Leadership and decision making
• Understanding the role of the leader/manager in an organisation, including leadership styles and decision making processes.
• Decision making to improve performance
• Considering the importance of decision making in four key functional areas of business- - marketing, operations, finance and human resources.

The A Level comprises the above units plus:
• Analysing the strategic position of a business
• Reviewing the internal and external position of the business using SWOT analysis and ratio analysis amongst others.
• Pursuing strategic methods

This looks at the competing strategies available to the business including how to compete, the advantages of growth, using the Ansoff Matrix and other business models.

How will I be assessed?
• Examinations • Written Assessment

Future pathways and careers
• Business management • Marketing • Operations management • Administration • Most office based occupations

Entry requirements
• Grade B in Business GCSE
• For students who have not studied Business before, at least a grade 5 in English and mathematics

Examination board: WJEC
Specification: B510 and A510