Dress code

Dress codeWe expect all Hucknall Sixth Form Centre students to dress appropriately for studying in a professional business environment. Dressing smartly is great preparation for moving into employment after your time studying at HSFC or after university, where high standards will be an expectation.

Please avoid wearing the following:
-  shorts/hot pants
-  short skirts
-  revealing tops
-  cropped tops

Hair colour should not be dyed unnatural colours and should be of the colour and style suitable for work in a professional, office type environment.

There should be no facial piercings, tattoos covered where possible, or 'spacer' earrings. In all cases regarding acceptability of dress and hair colour, the decision of Mrs Wall, head of Hucknall Sixth Form, is final.

For your safety and security, ID badges must also be worn at all times - this is an expectation for staff as well as students.